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Lisa Kosh, The Making of A Missionary. God used Christ Revealed Embassy, Mitchellville, Maryland, to display the glory of God through signs, wonders and miracles to launch Lisa into her destiny.  Lisa Kosh is a 3-Year Graduate of Randy Clark's Global School of Supernatural Ministry in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania and a Graduate of Heidi and Rolland Baker's IRIS Ministries Missionary Training School in Pemba, Mozambique. Within 1.5 short years, she has served in Pemba, Mozambique, Recife and Londrina, Brazil, Durban, Nelspruit and Johannesburg, South Africa, Moyo, Uganda, New York; California and various other national and international locations. She and her son Chris live in Baltimore, Maryland. 

Lisa Kosh is an Evangelist at heart, she was born for healing and deliverance and has participated in and witnessed all kinds of individual and corporate healing miracles and deliverance spoken by believers in Jesus Christ who simply shared healing commands as led by the Holy Spirit. Blind eyes and deaf ears have opened, the lame walk, the mute speak, a 10 year old girl was tongue tied and got loosed, a young man in Uganda received deliverance and the English language supernaturally and so much more. Jesus gave us that authority! The first creative miracle was a deaf ear opened. However, we know that the most exciting miracle of all, is salvation! God has gifted Lisa a passion to Treasure Hunt for Him in a lifestyle of ministry whereby he gives clues as to who will be in her path any given day. The excitement begins when the clues are found within minutes of prayer. The result is the people can be blessed, encouraged, healed, delivered and faith is built in all that see and hear the testimonies.



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Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons. Freely you receive, freely give.

Matthew 10:8

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